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The European Union just objects be being lengthened to Chinese shoe in turn over
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European Union committee decided recently, return dumping review a case to entering buccal leather shoes to spread out from China and Vietnam, oppose dumping measure with deciding to whether be lengthened, but dumping tax is opposed during reexamine still applicable.

European Union committee makes a statement 2 days say, in view of the importance of this case, european Union committee will complete relevant investigation program as soon as possible, if,say likelihood, what use time will little arrive at 12 months that need normally 15 months.

To protect the interest of enterprise of shoemaking of a few meridional countries, the European Union collects by a definite date formally two years to Chinese leather shoes and children's footwear since October 7, 2006 of 16.5% oppose dumping tax.

Spokesman of news of Department of Commerce will publish a talk to point out on October 3, just be opposite to the European Union in Chinese leather shoes is initiated turn over dumping reexamine questionnaire to show a regret, chinese government fights Ou Fang lengthening this case to oppose dumping measure with any forms.

Spokesman of news of Department of Commerce points out, european Union shoe kind the industry passed long-term quota to protect, add those who go two years to oppose dumping measure, the industry already finished structural adjustment. Current, european Union industry each target is good, export external driving, showing European Union industry have competition ability, not was necessary to undertake protective again. The supply of European Union industry in the whole world in chain management, market of the high end in be being marched toward stage by stage and design of research and development innovate, do not compete directly with Chinese product, continue to be opposite China turn over dumping no point.

Spokesman of news of Department of Commerce expresses, european Union importer, shopkeeper and major member country object continueing to lengthen this case to oppose dumping measure, sufficient also report gives European Union interior to ask to restore a shoe kind the product is normal the strong desire of commerce. Hope Europe just complies with popular wishes, lengthen no longer right China leather shoes opposes dumping measure.