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Does American banking crisis spread does trade protectionism tide come?
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Business company on October 7 dispatch on October 3, the 700 billion dollar that American Boule refers through bush-administration helps city program, give flimsy money market infuse hope. This one finance storm that sweep across and comes, had surmounted domain of bush-administration place pilot on time and space. Wh whoever is elected as president of an United States, must face the sequela of financial crisis.

On September 24, WTO2008 year public forum is special spread out around the prospective ” of “ commerce discuss, pascal of WTO total a secretary in charge of sth Er · rummy (what PascalLamy) stated he looks up to trade protectionism is anxious: When “ comes when the crisis, through installing an entrance camp protects home to produce business is an inviting measure undoubtedly, but however not but caries is acting 1930 notorious Smoot-Hawley proposed law the United States the custom duty of a variety of 20 thousand entrance products promotes the history apogee, but brought great war of trade of a whole world only finally, trade protectionism leads the whole world finally into blind lane. ”

He is special remind each country delegate attending the meeting: Had called this banking crisis when a lot of people “ the 2nd big flat ” when, the trade protectionism that must prevent to took the place of 1930 and economy isolate the history of creed be current repeats. The whole world needs to increase consumption more in “ crisis, the ‘ that each country shuts commerce passageway saves oneself ’ behavior is met only aggravate crisis. ”

The trend that financial storm spreads to hypostatic economy is current also already peep clue, american unemployment rate will been as high as 6.1% September. And will publish on October 5 " new York Times " forecast, the consumptive expenses of the 3rd quarter of American will exceed now to fall, this also will be close come to the United States 20 years appear first quarterly spending expenses drops. Europe, Japan enters economic depression in succession, american trade protectionism looks up increasingly, multilateral and mutual censure nationalism of economy of hold of the other side.

Regard eye of storm of this round of finance and whole world as big country of the first economy, whether can the United States weigh the track of an overturned cart with acting 1930 skip, initiate trade protectionism? After two many months, new American president is about to enter advocate the White House, his right China what change can trade policy produce again?

Be aimed at these heat problems, our newspaper special interview —— of two of Sino-US relation respect top class brain truster comes from university of Washington of American George · Eliot the Sino-US relation expert of international work college Halley · Harding (, wu Xinbai of vice director of research center of Fudan University United States is taught.
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