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Under financial crisis, can be leasehold spending pattern of the United States c
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2005, david. Lapuka reads MBA from the Yale, in a fund management of health city the company finds the job, yearly salary 120 thousand dollar. He knows, the income that he did not come to and fortune foreground are very good, year of income henceforth will be higher. The cash money that is his instantly only is very finite. In one's childhood, his aspire wants free-standing, the income that should rely on oneself feeds him, change the most greatly with this the individual space that change. When reading an university, give parental responsibility to reduce tuition, he borrowed a student to aid learn loan 30 thousand dollar, the refinance when reading MBA 30 thousand dollar is aided learn loan. So, when beginning the work again to 2005, david is in debt in all 60 thousand, but, in those days, he needs to buy a car surely, this should spend 20 thousand dollar again, in the meantime, he just marries with old girlfriend again, want to spend 170 thousand dollar to buy a house.
David feels economic pressure really, those who make him very painful is, he knows the income of after this will be very much, the fortune when retiring to him especially will be most, but, he now 28 years old, get married just about when establishing course of study to need money most, and right now unluckily least cash, indebted still! Have fortunately mortgage loan bank, he calculated, if refinance money buys a car, buy a house, his meeting accumulative total is in debt 250 thousand dollar, if press 30 years of instalment, the accrual at that time is 5.5% , such, the month of every month offers future is 1800 dollars left and right sides. Such calculating come down, pretty good still, because of income of his future month 10 thousand dollars, take out duty and insurance, pension later, still can take in one's hand have 6 more than 1000 dollars, that is to say, debt month can control income to be less than for be being occupied only 1/3, he still has 4 more than 1000 make other pay. The thing passes 3 years, to today, year of income of David already exceeded 200 thousand dollar, have a daughter, still waiting for the 2nd.
David's story is in the United States very typical of course, also be the United States leans leasehold the best model that promotes the consumption, economy mode that relies on consumption to promote growth again, the person of wealthy family family background is such, the person of labor estate one's previous experience is such also. This kind of mode is in the United States the society is so confirmed, be by the person all one's life income orbit place decides, money is done not have most when young force is strong, arrive aged the money when retiring is most, and the age orbit of the consumption that spend money as it happens and this support or oppose, so, the development of credit market corrects these two kinds of orbital to contradict to help people namely. Mortgage what loan derives security market to deepen, final it is the biggest the supply that spends leasehold fund, at the same time the smallest influence leasehold interest cost.
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