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Global shoemaking industry grows state and analysis of consumptive market genera
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Editor's note: In recent years, suffer 幣 of international trade camp, people to appreciate, raw material rises in price and of a lot of element such as labor shortage restrict, chinese shoemaking course of study is faced with write grim challenge. Below such environment, how does Chinese shoemaking course of study hold the whole world country of shoe of the biggest 產 and the position that export a nation? How from low end market of the high end in market trend? How from the amount model to character model,   of benefit change ……

In the domain of global shoemaking course of study, china is most powerful big army group undoubtedly, because be in the whole world year in the share that 產 shoe estimates 15 billion pairs, “ China builds ” to already exceeded 10 billion pairs. However, enter changeable 2008, one branch alone excellent Chinese shoemaking job began new fission, appreciate in 幣 of international trade camp, people, raw material rises in price and labour force is in short supply, special 別 is a country below the influence that new labor contract law carries out, the obverse side of Chinese shoemaking course of study that handles position of Wu Jiang power all the time is faced write grim challenge and test. The pressing sex that the move crisis of Chinese shoemaking course of study and 產 course of study upgrade, how does the structure with global shoemaking new job change, already made the central point that global industry pays close attention to.

One, state of affairs of development of world shoemaking estate and consumptive market general situation

Look from global limits, the China that looks big country of preexistence bound shoemaking basically is an Asia, India, Vietnam, Indonesian with Thailand, european Italy, Spain and Portuguese and the Brazil of South America. The whole world has all sorts of shoemaking enterprise 3-4 10 thousand, the relevant industry such as machine of shoemaking course of study and shoe material, shoe from add up to of personnel of course of study nearly 10 million person.

China is the 產 shoe country with the biggest whole world and exit country. In last few years, china gives birth to more than 10 billion pairs of all sorts of 產 shoes every year, 66% what occupy global shoemaking gross, it is the world's greatest shoe kind 製 builds base, also be the biggest shoe on the world kind exit country. 2006, chinese shoe kind exit amounts to 7.65 billion pairs, export total value is 21.81 billion dollar, export volume occupies the world to export the 53% above of gross.

India is only second Wu Zhongguo's whole world the 2nd big shoe kind unripe 產 country. India looks shoe of 產 of the year before last year makes an appointment with 2 billion pairs, have 4000 shoemaking and relevant company about, make an appointment with 500 to be large company among them, 3500 are medium and small businesses. The 產 quantity of medium and small businesses takes Indian shoe about kind total 產 measures 60% to 65% ; Large company can offer high quality 產 to taste commonly, basically be international brand treatment.
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