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The European Union continues look forward to of shoe of shoe of China of create
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Because the European Union is initiated to Chinese leather shoes,turn over dumping reexamine investigation, look forward to of a few shoes expressed Wen Zhou yesterday, want to prepare data actively, apply for market economy position afresh to the European Union. Spokesman of news of Department of Commerce publishs a talk 3 days to point out, chinese government fights an European Union lengthening this case to oppose dumping measure with any forms.

The European Union decided recently, return dumping review a case to entering buccal leather shoes to spread out from China and Vietnam, oppose dumping measure with deciding to whether be lengthened, but dumping tax is opposed during reexamine still applicable. According to saying, turning over dumping reexamine to investigate place to need time is 12 months to 15 months.

Guild secretary-general thanks city shoe change banyan fragrant say, came this year in January in June, lukewarm city shoe exports an European Union relatively last year the corresponding period considerably fall after a rise. Because the European Union is aimed at dermal leather shoes to undertake the dumping is restricted turning over only, come two years, wen Zhou exports the shoe of the European Union, give priority to change to be with derma from before give priority to in order to be not derma, at the same time with in the shoe opened cheap synthetic leather to dimension borrows the crisis and consume the American market with abate force. Xie Rong fragrant express, association general should appeal to actively, look forward to of lukewarm city shoe should make preparation of long-range meet an enemy attack.