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European parliament appeals surveillant China textile is imported
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Of commerce of director of European Union Executive Board hold appoint after Peter Mandelson has agreed with Chinese textile to cancelled on January 1, 2008, when swarming into Europe suddenly in great quantities, because should act,adopt.
On the prospective debate conference that concerned European spin industry at on December 13, 2007, mandelson expressed his view, in this controversy, european Union assemblyman and official appeal Executive Board study 2008 head the entrance trend of season, be imported hand-me-down influence in order to prevent the market by cheap China, and get into trouble.
The care of European Union assemblyman and official, it is the resolution that is based on Executive Board of the European Union at the beginning of October 2007, remove to be restricted to importing the quota of hand-me-down by China, rise from January 1, 2008, undertake monitoring to the entrance of Chinese hand-me-down.
This monitoring range is not the quantity that limitative China can export, however an European Union and the plan that China monitors jointly, track Chinese exit and the license that Europe imports with respect to 8 categories, these 8 categories are respectively the T-shirt, sweater, male pants, women's shirt, bust bodice, foreign outfit, sheet, and yarn of ramie.
However, when Europe hope China can ensure this kind transforms can as far as possible successful when, mandelson expresses, european Union Executive Board has prepared appropriate, when once China imports textile amount,increasing suddenly considerably, will apply all sorts of means to because answer,give.
European Union assemblyman believes, when unless can prevent,quota cancelled 2005, chinese product swarms into the circumstance of European Union market to happen once more in great quantities, otherwise this two-tier supervisory system cannot develop a function. In the light of what member state place puts forward each produce category to fasten, the European Union also needs new defensive mechanism, calculate or evaluate necessarily in order to carry out.
When evidence shows European Union industry is faced with harm, include defence mechanism and oppose the trade measure such as the dumping, can the entrance of slow down textile and hand-me-down.