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Jin Yunxin product grooms in Wuhan headquarters is held
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In September 29-30 day, value agency staff is answered Chinese during, the new product that the member that Jin Yunji sells the later generations that reach carry out domestic and internationally solely had by a definite date two days in company headquarters grooms.

As gold carry reachs the ceaseless investment of respect of technical research and development in the product, in recent years, capacity of company product output also is to increase ceaselessly, new product, new technology emerges in endlessly. Especially since 2008, the company is in be perfected ceaselessly and consolidate original product while, what development went a series of international to precede is medium high-end type, successful application is spun at spin, dress, home, in the treatment production of the numerous industry such as articles for use of fabrics of craft of toy, brand, leather, artistic glass, advertisement, furniture, carpet, industry, automobile. Especially series of three-dimensional and dynamic series, Zhen Jing series, drive of nice silk lever, multilayer of model of trademark cut series roll out, abounded golden movement product line not only, more laser industry application raises a new height that has latent capacity more.

Groom this, be aimed at above characteristic to undertake just about, while knowledge of the personnel after aiming to reach carry out through enhancing a sale is updated, better guiding client, conduct laser industry application and development, the product structure of stimulative treatment manufacturing industry upgrades with long-term development.