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Tell world sewing machine Party branch holds half an year to spend working meeti
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Carry out enterprise party to build the job for development study, drive company party to build the job to go up again new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, party branch of Inc. of the sewing machine that tell world proposes working meeting at will holding a party on September 27, chen Xiaobo's secretary moderates.

The conference was reported spent management by objectives of job of company Party branch to check assessment result first half of the year 2007, communicated ranking Party committee to build working announcement about the party, be strengthened further and improve enterprise party to built the job to undertake delibrate. The conference is returned around safe production, energy-saving fall to produce effect of type of Party member van bad news, adequately, establish perfect mechanism length effect, cogent strengthen Party member management, hold to a standard firm order, the problem such as the specific experience in doing good Party member to expand the job seriously and practice undertook discussion. Ranking Party committee still announced to become a full member to wait for 3 preliminary Party members to enter the decision of probationary period with Comrade Xie Xifeng about what to Wang Yiping the comrade waits for 3 Party members on the meeting.