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Standard company is had the honor to win Shaanxi saved fine quality to manage ac
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Recently, in “ Shaanxi province the 28th quality manages a group to represent conference ” and “ Shaanxi to save achievement of group of the 2nd QC to publish contest ” to go up, standard share attends selection “ to reduce carry soft nitrogen of the axis that control a foot changes fraction defective of colour and lustre”QC tackles key problem the project is judged to be Shaanxi saved fine quality to manage achievement first prize 2008.

In recent years, the company innovates to optimize an activity with management through developing a technology extensively, deep, abidingly, develop the enthusiasm of company worker, creativity and intelligence an wisdom adequately, realize the efficient management of product quality with factitious this locality, product quality and quality level of management stride new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position ceaselessly. Nearly 3 years, achievement of innovation of technology of company multinomial worker is commended award, win national level and award of the class that visit town more than 10.

This second congress has come from complete province nearly 300 delegates attend each industry, have 6 kinds of kinds, 135 QC achievement attends choose. It is reported, project of bear the palm still will recommend the appraise through comparison that plays countrywide fine quality to run a group.