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Assemble treasure sewing machine: Emerge island of large bamboo hat of of Pai o
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Zhejiang assembles section of limited company of treasure sewing machine assist manage around production cheek by jowl for the center, promote innovation of science and technology, stress a focal point, produce an advantage, widen popular science channel, develop a skilled personnel, sufficient play division assist action of the bridge that contacts Scientists and Technologists, bond, solve difficult problem for the enterprise, undertake the technology tackles key problem activity. Begin “ to tell energetically, than ” activity, to promote enterprise harmony solid progress makes important contribution.

This year since the beginning of the year, after company high level examines an industry to develop the current situation and prospective tendency, think, in the market that at present numerous enterprise faces small blown away by wind, exit is retreated say to reduce, raw material and labor cost rise wait for unusual times, more should firm establish the guiding ideology that promotes business development with innovation of science and technology.

2008, the company is accelerate division assist construction pace, achievement of stimulative science and technology is changed, carried out a series of act:

Above all, accelerate enterprise informatization construction, executive ERP system.

To carry out enterprise interior effectively the resource of departmental door, link is integrated, achieve optimal result, company denounce is gigantic endowment invite Ning Bo company of development of one senior software combines me to manage actual condition measured a body to have something made to order an ERP system, carry out a proof via moving actually, improved effectively former information is communicated not the problem of free, improved business management beneficial result greatly.

Next, introduce technology talent, increase strength of product research and development.

To enrich team of technical qualified personnel, the company retained an industry early or late of digital expert, engineer join in, those who achieved talent structure optimize configuration, in the meantime, increase the investment of funds of pair of new product research and development, with division assist the technology that is core tackles key problem group success research and development computer of straight drive of 1900 knots machine, 9890 high speed is smooth seam machine and a variety of pattern machine, fill the blank of fist product, enhanced product market competition ability. Company division assist still hold “ workshop to manage ” to groom jointly with manpower resource ministry class, invite famous expert to give lessons, raise the vocational level of personnel of low level management, formed stress the science, good atmosphere that learns management.

Again, pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone, publicize popular science knowledge.

This year since May, by division assist take the lead, the promotion of popular science knowledge of each relevant section efforts and propaganda are in ground of company fluctuation like a raging fire to spread out. Of ” of ” of box of “ rationalize proposal, forum of electron of “ local area network establish, for employee and division assist wear the bridge that removed an information to communicate, the innovation that stimulated brainpower is enthusiastic. In the meantime, popular science is exhibited and publicize the effective agency such as column, raised the scientific consciousness of employee, obtained positive result.
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