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The leap seams machine: In order to serve promotion brand value
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Business company I will buy dispatch “ on September 26 your product, my what can you offer to serve? ” faces manufacturer to market a product to oneself, people pays close attention to the value of the service more and more. This indicates the move is pure sell product times to had ended, and consumer is more and more intense however to the requirement of the service.

Product of tailor machinery industry is at present coessential change an appearance serious, the price war that causes from this makes space of company product profit is reduced greatly. Plus hasten of domestic macroscopical environment suffers to tighten since 2007, foreign economy is stagnant the influence that wait, trade situation is more grim. To seek new product profit space, enterprise besides continue science and technology innovates, product service system is built also more and more be taken seriously.

The saltant group of the double development that pays attention to product technology and service all the time thinks, innovation of science and technology is the life of the enterprise, and the service is to infiltrate the market, develop a world, found the requirement of famous brand, only false or true is united in wedlock, supplement each other, ability guides an enterprise to be pounded to higher end, ability establishs his great position inside course of study.

For this, saltant group established after service department before New Year more, it is a tenet perservingly with ” of “ user satisfaction, hold to “ to serve the concept that creates value ” from beginning to end, work up the product with one perfect a complete set of dogs service system, had offer perfect technology support and technology to groom the ability of service of form a complete set that wait and mechanism. 2007, ministry of after service of saltant group home is judged to be satisfaction of user of “ whole nation to serve ” of star team and group, this is great to what work since they are long-term approbate.

To this, sale of domestic industry chance and Gang of king of director of after service department express: The service with first-class “ and high quality are likewise important, it created value for the client not only, also be him enterprise start shooting brand, became a sharp of development market. Henceforth, we are even farther user of press close to, know user think of a way, active and active provide better service for the user. ”

The service is after service not simply of course, as social change, its form and content are more rich also. Saltant group from beginning to end follow closely tendency of the day, hold user demand in time, realize the innovation of each service, bring advantage for wide user. Machine of saltant home family expenses sells company course to be developed for years, established brand shop of about a hundred brand. Providing good after service, offer the spot to groom for broad user regularly etc while, company of sale of machine of saltant home family expenses makes full use of oneself condition, conduct various thematic sale activities in order to serve an user, drove an user to share the tremendous passion that sew experiences.
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