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Group of outstanding gram expert walks into Fuzhou each are big enterprise
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On September 7, should two big dress of Fuzhou place make cropland of blessing of clothing company —— make the garment and money the invitation of luxuriant group, zhejiang Xin Jie overcomes Guo Weixing of general manager of sewing machine Inc. to lead Jackie 5 people come expert group group to Fuzhou, with respect to clothing factory the pertinent question of workshop management and sew technology parts and blessing cropland, money luxuriant the communication that main leader had development and discuss. In the meantime, according to the effective demand of Fuzhou enterprise, the business personnel specially of large area in Jiekehua revealed hall to hold machine of outstanding gram special type to groom in Fuzhou agency class, group of outstanding gram expert and personnel of each industry technology operated problem of medium a few detail actually to have thorough communication.

The technology that has this together with Fuzhou clothing company communicates an activity, it is Jackie the company searchs depth of company of clothing of sue for peace actively second combination, offer beneficial trial of considerate and close-fitting service for clothing company, the “ whole plan that makes Jackie is clothing company by change of simple dress equipment supplier solves business ” . It is reported, the similar spot with top-ranking clothing company communicates an activity, jackie will be held regularly in the whole nation.