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In nimble: We are not " outsider "
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Regard equipment of a tailor as manufacturer, what sponsor trademark year large award solely 4 years continuously is medium Inc. of nimble sewing machine, pass the fore-and-aft strategy alliance with garment industry, had been close to terminal from upper reaches slowly, enter public field of vision. Vise general manager of director of sewing machine of the nimble in no less than character of Zhang Zhiyou place, be in the first year when sign strategic cooperation agreement early, in of nimble and Chinese clothing association was destined hand in hand is not accidental. Of business of dress equipment operation and garment industry hand in hand, those who started industry of Chinese tailor equipment and Chinese garment trade is brand-new cooperative mode. Really, besides the “ bureau ” that blends in large award of dress trademark year in, mix in the technology as tailor equipment manufacturing industry the revolutionary development of quality respect, homebred tailor equipment is the “ outsider ” that native land dress makes no longer, the goes up to concern to be support, each other to be action to each other increasingly downstream interactive relation of tailor equipment manufacturing industry and dress dress line of business is changed.   someone says, nimble is having in lots and lots of “ ” of the first phenomenon: The form that uses a product to extend product of the auction on the meeting inside course of study for the first time prepares market fund to present hope project; It is the business that the first home general sells award and service and propagandist photograph to be united in wedlock; Still be the first home general industry foundation education and promotion are coherent the enterprise … that be together…Of course, the sew equipment manufacturer that the in still having victory that has to say is ” of large award of year of “ of the first assistance. Run with great quantity with what clothing association deepness interacts, those who infiltrating is medium the sense of responsibility of a massiness that nimble expands to garment industry, and the long-term strategy thinking that “ searchs partner ” through strong platform. To make full use of ” of “ brand large award resource of this one communal platform, what exploration builds industry of garment of a kind of China and sewing machine industry is brand-new cooperative mode, nimble rolled out ” of forum of height of “ clothing company, “ to move back and forth early or late in a series of continuance activities such as ” of vogue of allusion of outfit of Chinese travel ” , “ , extend antenna the terminal to the industry that seam look forward to directly, established sale, content shedding, service Trinitarian muti_function service center, for domestic and international the optimal service that each big dress brand provides systematization, standardization, become the first selection partner of numerous clothing company, it is important to was stridden to the target of business of operation of global dress equipment one pace. At downstream industry catenary in before Inc. of nimble sewing machine takes a stand from the behind the curtain, in the market competition with tailor machinery intense industry, the kind of ” of “ special sale that carries large award of assistance trademark year, put oneself rightly in the client group before. Wave department is ascended, sewing machine of the nimble in blocking the well-known trademark such as Zhu Mi, An Ji to be introduced in succession, broke foreign brand the pattern of market of old rig China. In the meantime, nimble is developing the market of the 100 many countries such as Europe, America, middle east, Africa, southeast Asia and area in, its are famous spend and beautiful praise degree climb continuously litre.

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