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To direct with performance rich hill makes efficient group
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Face an industry general low confuse a phenomenon, how should be the enterprise answered? When can endless winter just end, is the enterprise inactive await or undertake oneself reforms actively? Limited company of mechanical science and technology gave nicety of Shanghai rich hill the answer that we make clear, a few days ago, rich hill company undertook the standardization of a series of rich effect grooms, and look in rich hill company the bottleneck of all development should find out a reason from enterprise oneself, from transform oneself to be made, because the market is forever,changing.

Rich hill company carries out performance flywheel to examine a system energetically, everything is with performance oriented, strengthen the enthusiasm of employee and dynamic role in the round. Above all actor or actress with late day actor undertook popularizing at an early date, actor or actress at an early date make working division of labor reasonable, science, transparent, make clear working arrangement of a day and target, promote job of a day spirit, late day actor makes working schedule is made clear in time, solve the problem that exists in the job, increase working effectiveness for a given period of time, and this is planted standardization flow orderly, strong, movement is fluent, imposing manner is exalted, because this is rich,hill company still held flow operation PK between the branch each, rich hill still is passed watch movie " develop a Yamaxun " the concern that makes faculty deep-felt experience enterprise and oneself, experience is perforative complete piece tough with struggling spirit, rich hill this action let all colleague enjoy wonderful movie already, be like,also learned from which: Group collaboration, hold to, the dedication great mind that has cohesive affinity, it is the edificatory of mental ablution and life to employee oneself, and this also will be brought to business development drive tremendously.

Before a few years the insanity of the industry develops, make most enterprise is absorbed in at the moment interest, the standardization of the promotion that ignored employee quality and business management, science is changed, this also is the problem that Chinese enterprise exists generally, although rich hill is in development is inchoate groom with respect to what pay attention to employee quality ability quite promotion, but the development as socioeconomy and the aggravate that the industry competes, the bottleneck that the company grows is shown stage by stage, employee earnestly needs to undertake the system grooms be changinged scientificly, with internationalization management mode conforms, the enterprise also must bring into more advanced government mechanism, the “ winter that faces an industry at the same time rests period ” aggrandizement oneself fights cold ability, promote the fighting capacity of the enterprise in the round, no matter be now,still did not come the benefit benign development at the enterprise.
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