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Case cypress AccuMark is born 20 years
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Recently, the outstanding provider of garment industry and CAD/CAM of automation of industry of soft data products and PLM system solution, ability of Bai Ke of case of ——— of the subsidiary below banner of limited company of science of American case cypress (Gerber Technology) holds relevant activity to celebrate software of its product AccuMark to be born 20 years in American headquarters.

1988, the vanward product that AccuMark software regards CAD/CAM of garment industry and automation of industry of soft data products and PLM system solution as the domain is born. Up to now 20 years, the powerful function that AccuMark software innovates ceaselessly with its develops metabolic demand offer a solution quickly for garment industry, holding the position of occupation standard.

“AccuMark at be born 20 years ago, brought revolution for the industry. Thenceforth rises, we comply with the progress of science and technology and market ceaselessly, innovate the function of this product and ability, maintain its to regard high end as the position of the solution, angela Cruz of manager of product of product line of AccuMark of science and technology of ” case cypress is evaluated so.

In the meantime, introduction Angela Cruz: “ is inside the global limits of rapid change, we listen to the client's opinion, master their demand, roll out the innovation product that suits, help them score a success. The AccuMark of newest version mirrorred the aspirations of broad client very clearly, the quality of end item is consistent, fit, suited to try the garment and system of fictitious sample garment to accelerate a product to appear on the market through 3D the trend of speed. ”

Case cypress science and technology is newest released AccuMark V8.3 version has more powerful data to exchange ability, raise a system to run efficiency, simplify and enhanced data conformity ability to reach use a sex easily. AccuMark V8.3 is datival cypress product lifecycle runs a system (include WebPDM and system of management of fashionable product lifecycle) the improvement of interface, make its make the powerful software solution that can become more closely thick and fast.

In addition, the example guide in AccuMark V8.3 system (Pattern Wizard) function but more apace makes the print that put a code and cost accounting, strengthened the style quality control to the production outside the condition. Have stronger data inquiry and statistical function, accuMark V8.3 edition is supportable SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server Express 2005. New edition still included SQL Server Express in AccuMark software, can use freely, make the user can pass table computer conveniently quickly data of entry AccuMark of small-sized perhaps server. The function with powerful SQL Server, communicate effectively between facilitating implementation AccuMark and other ERP system.
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