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Xing Dahao new product came out! ! !
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Came newly, are you still in worn-out?

Xia Quqiu comes, market of Chinese inwrought machine slowly get warm again after a cold spell. Regard industry as the inwrought machine of the product, the embroider of efficient stability makes the target that the environment is each engineer pursuit. Main shaft and taboret serve as executive device, its motion effect affects embroider machine embroider to make the result directly.

Driver of MD02 of the person that the pace of new generation takes the pilot of drive

Take driver volume in the light of vintage taboret pace big, wiring maintenance is complex, more complex wait for a problem. Company of big a person of extraordinary powers designs to be used technically at driver of pilot of taboret electric machinery for the client---MD02. MD—02 is compositive turn degree and performance relatively MS-21 has older rate promotion, because voltage is flabby,improve cause component burn down, upgrade design circuit, increase driver job stability. Company of big a person of extraordinary powers designs strict test environment and high level to run a target for MD02 driver, achieve through test and try out MD02 expect design end, go up in function relatively MS series has older rate to rise. Big a person of extraordinary powers will be used high-powered taste implementation newly the acceptance of ” of high quality, tall to user “ stability, low fault rate.

MD02 pace designs characteristic into electric machinery driver:

1. is used upgrade fractionize technology
What use fractionize technology to be able to make electric machinery “ walks along ” into electric machinery in the light of the pace is finer, “ runs of ” firmer, raise embroider character to measure, make the client uses low end at the same time the embroider with electric machinery high quality implementation makes the result.

2. is used modular technology
Upgrade design drive circuit, promote circuit working stability. Increase module compositive change rate, promotion drive disturbs next steady work ability in the outside. Reduce voltage to decline, the driver attaint rate that wave motion brings. Create stable, safe use environment for the client.

3. height is compositive change circuit design
MD02 pace takes drive the electric machinery that by sheet circuit board dominates two direction, avert the interference that MS series brings as a result of component job. Promote drive capability at the same time, reduce driver volume, reduce a client to service a burden.

4. is brand-new the design comes loose hot structure
MD02 pace takes the structure with new drive is beautiful not merely, the appearance of elaborate design can make driver comes loose more adequately hot, promotion drive in high temperature tall wet condition issues stability.
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