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Wen Bangchun academician arrives the survey that tell world
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On September 11, our country's famous vibration uses academician of engineering expert the Chinese Academy of Sciences, rotor of theory of machine of strong point of reputation of institute of project of national machinery electron, international and committee member of committee of China of federation of theory of mechanisms, international is kinetic the project learns vibration of technical committee committee member, China reputation director, mr Wen Bangchun that the part-time job that holds more than 20 university of countrywide part-time teachs is in what stage state city and road bridge area concern a leader to accompany below, will connect Yu Can to watch survey on a special trip, sign technical cooperation agreement. Group president Chen Xiaoqing is kind recieved hear old party, accompany saw a company new and high technology reveals office, introduced a company innovation and since this year answer a challenge actively, maintain an enterprise to stabilize the situation such as development.

Wen Bangchun says, telling world is an enterprise of city civilian battalion the example of own innovation, also be the backbone of manufacturing industry of equipment of stage city progress. Especially in recent years, connect eaves to pass a variety of channel conformity resource, unremitting ground advances technical innovation, adjusted optimized product structure, effectively promoted an industry to upgrade, better land was dissolved current the pressure that each cost rises ceaselessly, the development that is an enterprise laid solid technical foundation. Wen Laoxi hopes to tell world further change economy grows way, insist to be oriented technical innovation with the market, the yield that enlarges high-end product with all one's strength can, drive an enterprise to come true in adjust good rapid development.

Hear brief introduction of gentleman of state Chinese toon

Wen Bangchun, male, unripe in September 1930, zhejiang saves person of lukewarm mountain city. 1951-1955 year Electromechanical of northeastern engineering college fastens study, 1955-1957 year project of northeast engineering college is mechanistic graduate student class learns, taught up to now 1957. Judged 1981 for the professor, approval was doctoral student adviser in Feburary 1984, was elected 1991 for academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, currently hold the post ofstrong point of reputation of institute of mechanical electron project, China vibration course expert evaluates machine of committee of foundation of science of the member that Cheng course appraise sth through discussion comprises machinist of committee of degree of project institute director, the State Council, country science and technology of the member that comprise, country. Hold Shanghai traffic university part-time " oscillatory, concussion, noise " with college of Dalian grain industry " industrial equipment structure " chairman of committee of learning of national key laboratory, dean of the pluralistic professor of many 20 university such as the Jilin university, university that be the same as aid, advisory professor, reputation professor, reputation waits for duty. Judged 1984 what have outstanding contribution for national level is medium expert of young science and technology, 1980, judged 1984 visit a model worker for Liaoning, judged 1983 for model worker of Shenyang city special grade, judged the expert of science and technology that for Shenyang city has outstanding contribution the first batch 1987; 1983 " the theory of oscillatory machinery and application " composing obtains countrywide outstanding books second-class award, " mineral separation manual " won award of third class of progress of national science and technology 1998; Obtained a country to invent third class award 1985, obtained international to invent exposition " Urey to block " gold prize 1987, win medal of " of individual " knight, won multinomial award of award of third class of progress of national science and technology and ministry, province, city 1987, was awarded metallurgy ministry to teach advanced worker title 1989.
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