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Keywords of 2008 market of Qiu Dong costume: Rise in price, dozen fold
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Autumn outfit appears on the market to already was finished inside each big costume market of Beijing zoo. A few Qiu Yu let weather add how much cool idea. At the beginning of October, a lot of business door had begun to hang winter dress goods shelves. Terminal market: Color of Qiu Dong outfit is gorgeous this year Price of a few autumn outfit rises somewhat than in former years. A of terminal market of Dong Ding costume the boss tells piece of surname dress the reporter, autumn outfit price compares his brand tall last year 5 % - 10 % left and right sides, compensate of T of a long sleeve wanted 150 yuan last year, the price should amount to 160 yuan this year. In addition, change before dark tonal, the autumn outfit this year continued to shine first half of the year beautiful fashion colour is, applied a variety of adornment such as romantic butterfly chatelaine, sweep restores ancient ways wind. Autumn outfit applied Mei in great quantities this year red, army green wait for gorgeous color, and still applied leather of bowknot, archaize to wait in great quantities those who restore ancient ways deserve to act the role of. And winter dress color is bright-coloured and lively, it is popularity with red, black advocate tone, quality of a material with makings give priority to. In fabrics respect, at present autumn is installed more environmental protection. Apply the plant fiber fabrics at underwear to apply jacket morely more before, on the west pants, chemical fibber fabrics is in of autumn outfit apply decrease greatly. Bazaar: Strength of autumn outfit sales promotion is increased The autumn outfit of each bazaar has prepared to reach the designated position. A of inn of garden of peony of Beijing edifice aing shady retreat on a green hill female outfit clerk says, because raw material rises in price, manufacturing cost rises, partial daughter installs the price of the brand to rise somewhat this year, but go up not apparent, if the garment loved those who have some of pattern to rise in price to become the left and right sides about, the price of an autumn outfit is 280 yuan originally, tone went to 320 yuan now. The controller of another bazaar is analysed, many famous dress brands are early a year ago had issued the dress order this year, relatively easy control produces cost, and the manufacturing order of common brand falls later, rise in price to what cost brings pressure, common brand is older than the pressure of well-known trademark. With what rise in price to come with from time to time it is autumn outfit sales promotion. Before this moment autumn is installed just go up frame before long, the price is very rare become loose. And be in last weekend, a few bazaar hit popularity autumn replete 400 yuan of sales promotion activities that send 80 yuan of coupon. Autumn outfit just appeared on the market to begin full-court sales promotion, this is scarcer to the bazaar of Beijing. A market chief is analysed, since second half of the year sale status not beautiful, and winter dress also is about to begin to sell, so compared to the same period last year, the sales promotion strength of autumn outfit is increased somewhat this year.
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