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Is difficulty of market of luxury of dress of China of race to control in?
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The consumptive period that the Chinese market that settled ” of “ dress warmly and ear one's fill appeared to entering a luxury, people thinks this market has been formed and dimensions is giant. Then at present on market, any achieves dress brand newly to begin, scruple without place the ground alleges him representing high end, can offer the life experience like the noble to reach have successful public figure in that way temperament and demeanour.

This results from Chinese luxury market probably grow, perhaps say new rich, medium the formation that produces estate and even expand. So, the Chinese dress in at present (000902, ) in the market, does luxury market have after all how old? Whether can dress brand of China make global extravagant brand? And what requirement does market of luxury of China of race to control need?

Compere: Current, the circumstance of luxury market of China how?

Lu Xiao: It is in light of us, chinese finance capital is in of above of 1 million dollar have 345000 people probably, mix besides the house that is to say besides the car, they have the cash of 1 million U.S. dollor to regard their finance as asset. This number is exceedingly strange, because this number keeps balance with France, it is German half. Should say, this number is a very significant number that is to say China has enough much person can consume these high-end luxury. With respect to the family year income, can divide it is 3 kinds, income exceeds those who cross 1 million RMB to have 5 million, these are wealthy families, additionally its have income of 500 thousand the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor have 40 million, we say for wealthy family, additionally its have those who exceed 100 thousand yuan have 150 million, the family is produced in these calling. These people are belonged to in the family of high-end income, have 195 million that is to say.

These 195 million families are crossed good education, have university record of formal schooling, these people basically are in economic core area of China centrally, resemble Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou such place. To know these customer better, we can use different method to undertake an analysis to them. We can be classified according to condition of disappear give a lot of care, we are their manner difference cent 4 sort, that is to say luxury lover 15 % , luxury epigone 22 % , luxury reason person 35 % , luxury laggard 28 % . To luxury lover, that is to say these people of 15 % , they court some kind of social class quite. And luxury epigone namely the person of 22 % , they go after a success, they hope to show to others I belong to certain society group, because I bought certain brand. It is luxury reason next person, they occupied 35 % , these people often are a few knowledge that pursue extravagant culture and brand backside, they know the value of these brands, story, want to understand these knowledge first before buy. Still market of a kind of fractionize enjoys the person of the life namely finally, this fractionize market will appear.
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