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Chinese spin dress walks out of predicament to must realize the way of the brand
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Dispatch will be in business company on September 27 in the past 20 old, if the travel owner such as spin dress of China is given priority to with industrialized development and industrial exit, but the change as market environment and structure, the profit that production makes is smaller and smaller. Compare, treatment is entrusted to be able to be obtained 20 years ago 15% to 20% , and achieve the pure gain of 3% now very lucky already. When all production manufacturer competes when finite order, sell channel when cent when commodity is stronger and stronger, your exclusive destiny reduces profit namely, this is one does not put in a road 's charge.

We have data of a survey, on whole value catenary, production makes profit be in 5% to 10% less than, cent is sold in 50% to 60% , the brand is achieved 30% to 40% , the gain that produces a business so is very small. As seek profits for the orgnaization, natural choice is about to consider to reach brand business from manufacturer, farther sortie is current domain. Want to realize such spanning, strengthen on the specific ability that Chinese enterprise should carry out in market sale, market sale pays close attention to the respect such as the design in the product from beginning to end, is the product that how sells standardization with low case not just. China is the exit country with fabrics of the spin in the European Union, the biggest hand-me-down, also be one of countries of entrance of the 3rd big dress at the same time, be in data on average when us if going up personally each, everybody should spend one dollar on the dress. We believe to be in a few years of future in, the industry of Chinese home dress will grow.

The consumer of Chinese home already developed to the middle class or high end quickly now, corresponding industry upgrades to did not catch up with in time the change of the market. Joined WTO, a lot of tie in clauses disappear, china is done not have instead seasonable and occupational the market of own home. When we talk about middle class market, more and more middle classes hope he are in very much the grade of mount, but China still is exceeding lack now such style and grade. As credit system especially the accretion of credit card use space, can increase the consumptive appetite of the middle class, if spin clothing company of China cannot seasonable apace gets the market, foreign enterprise is probable market of China of quick race to control.

Garment trade of China basically is in home, supply with low end give priority to, main to abroad with in low end does acting work. The high-grade dress brand in abroad and clothing company are based on the pressure of cost now, progressively will medium high-grade dress is transferred to China, make by China. Have a few very interesting case, zhenniya puts production in Chinese Wen Zhou, slave of day of very fast Hua Lun waits for a lot of brands to also be done so, so later the brand clothing that China of probable Italy design makes makes trend.
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