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Prospective space suit develops a tendency
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27 days afternoon, records of spacefarer a surname just went cabin to enter outer space, the space suit outside the module of ” of “ flying Apsaras that also creates China took vast outer space.

After the level that experienced the space suit inside cabin, space suit outside cabin, martian space suit gives cabin activity life to guarantee a system, making the new trend that space suit technology develops.

The space suit with the most advanced future will be the space suit of Martian spacefarer dress, space suit stylist of the United States people undertaking consider and be designinged to its. Because Martian surface air is rare, temperature is extremely low, and often produce dust storm, design spark space suit needs new idea, new technology and new material.

Current, the scientist is grinding send one sort to be like “ the ” of system of “ biology dress of ” of the 2nd skin. Surface of this kind of dress has in season a coat that can be decomposed by organic biology, the spacefarer can be protected in the planetary environment that bestrews dust.

Meanwhile, give the maneuverability of cabin activity to raise a spacefarer, a few countries of the United States, Russia and Europe go cabin activity life to guarantee a system in development, it can carry a spacefarer to leave spacecraft in the space the freedom inside certain distance flies. The 21 centuries of a few countries of European and Russia combination development give cabin activity life to guarantee a system, use space suit and system of safeguard of life of control oneself type to combine the configuration of unifinication, will be henceforth the development trend of space suit technology.