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Forum of 2008 China dress seeks new outlet: Unlock achieves the chains of meanin
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Business company will 21 centuries have question most on September 27 what is the industry of vigor and competition ability? Present answer is originality.

Regard “2008 vogue as one of the grandest activities in originality space ” , peak of fashionable originality of · of Chinese dress forum will be met on October 19 will let originality promote value ” to spread out for the theme with “ , the Xin Rui such as reporter of the entrepreneur that this grand meeting invited spirit of extremely fashionable and the design Great Master that provides originality most, artistic Great Master, literary essayist, rich innovation, senior media is fashionable character, chose to be in provide originality and savoured fashionable ground to nod exhibition of —— Shanghai Pudong to hold most.

Originality drives a society to advance ceaselessly, originality brings new economy, originality brings new product and new service ceaselessly, let people experience the new student is vivid, originality brings value.

Every enterprise is talking about originality, try to realize the promotion of the brand with originality, walk out of the development bottleneck that industry of Chinese spin garment is faced with at present, continent place points out Du Yu of chairman of association of textile industry of China of no less than: Innovation, originality is becoming the urgent need of industry of Chinese spin garment. Prevent chairman thinks, a new technology, new product, often can bring new consumptive field, if can seize this new field, to the industry, often can bring a lot of value. So, it is core with innovation ability, big thrust develops the change of means into the industry, should fall each link such as real production, design and sale. But China's middle culture tradition or certain system element set the culture barrier that goes up somehow to originality it seems that, it is difficult to make the enterprise is on the road of originality heavily, cannot find the way of implementation and right expressive way, how does fashionable originality enterprise arouse the originality fountainhead with mining oneself? How the company should communicate fashionable originality? How to accomplish change originality into multivariate does the product go for many times realizing value? …… this also is the key that Chinese garment industry should break through.

Peak of fashionable originality of · of forum of 2008 China dress is met will spread out development to discuss to these topics, of Hei Chuanya of the Great Master of Japanese industry model that grand meeting invites, building Great Master, béatrice Querette of author of sale of French commodity intuition, artistic center of accept of Sa Di of handkerchief of American California city designs an institute to teach, world-famous senior design educationist, egghead king suffers, famous vogue art judge the home, former Shanghai chief inspector of originality of artistic now house, Ogilvy Fashion&Lifestyle (abstruse beauty is fashionable) person of long, famous originality makes originality Shun Ying, international is interactive media group publisher, CEO big shake, the splendid speech that the heavyweight honored guest such as Wang Yiyang of Xie Chaoqun of chairman of group of limited company of China of elegant day Ni and “ZUCZUG” brand author, famous stylist publishs, reflected the classical tie of originality, technology, product and market truly. Originality should be in material and culture, art and project, production and current different area connection, will seek the inspiration of creation, discover new field, this is Chinese spin dress the new outlet that collective open industry upgrades.
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