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Overflow word China dress 30 years
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Business company on September 23 dispatch 11 3 in after plenary meeting, the Chinese's thought is opened gradually, appeared on literary arena a lot of work that are subject matter with eulogizing to live new era, newly, be like " red skirt of the popularity on the street " , " red garment girl " etc. These work love for youth place gradually, also caused people to wear at the same time the change of outfit, industry of garment of standstill of Culture Revolution period is able to restore gradually, dress design is opener and opener, colour is increasing.

As the development of reforming and opening, in 20 centuries 80 time ever initiated the debate of a sociality, it is the effect that whether can suffer “ overall to westernize ” about the Chinese's thought. Just beginning basically is the effect that suffers Hong Kong and Taiwan, a lot of youths wear flared trousers, wear long hair, wear harbor unlined upper garment, the jeans also is among the youth be the rage. Subsequently the fashionable idea of a lot of wests also begins to affect the popular climate of our country, 20 centuries the American film of 80 time " break dance " , ever caused the follow the lead of of a lot of youths at that time: The head plunges into wash cloth or lacy, the foot wears dance shoe, plus a suit jersey, become the vogue of ave lane youth dresses up at that time. The fabrics of ” of “ harbor unlined upper garment and jeans is main at that time it is chemical fibber fabric or cleanse cotton fabric, just get, patch pocket, short sleeve. Because the recreational activities at that time is less, an any films or teleplay can cause popularity socially. Be like " Shaolin Temple " , " Huo Yuanjia " wait for work of movie and TV, a Xi Wu was caused to heat up at that time, acrobatics is taken, shoe of wrist support, acrobatics became salable production. Taking facing to expect at that time basically is cleanse cotton, denim, corduroy, this alien builds fabrics of cotton, thick allover, Panama very popular also. Enter 20 centuries 80 time metaphase, appear to send the picture of flourishing on Chinese earth. Economic development drove the development of spin garment industry. Especially garment industry transforms to market economic system stage by stage from the planned economy system in the past. Institute of a few dress and factory of bedding and clothing, and company of clothing of a lot of foreign trade in succession from seek one's fortune. Well-known trademark also is in a lot of dress just about walk over below such environment. Design change of design and color of novel, fabrics is sharp the important characteristic that makes change of dress of this one period. Medium or small dress treatment company is in a few areas blossom everywhere, begin transition to medium-sized, large company from diminutive mill.

20 centuries 90 time, the country put forward “ to be bibcock with dress, drive spin garment industry to develop the catchword of ” , the whole nation lifted the climax that promotes spin garment trade. Chinese clothing association and stylist association held fair of dress of China International dress first at was in Beijing in April 1993. The international Great Master such as · emperor Nuo assembles in Peele · Ka Dan, Fei Lei, tile human relations center of Beijing nation trade in all congratulate this one grand occasion. Can say, this exposition influence to Chinese garment industry and development have epoch-making sense. Evermore, the development of Chinese garment industry and run begin to be on standardization ﹑ to specialization the road with internationalization. The dress of youth of ” of “ brother cup that of the same age holds designs a contest, the ” of times of “ at the height of power and splendour that with Chinese academy of fine arts Wu Haiyan teachs gains the championship and end satisfactorily.
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