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Before situation of Guangdong clothing outlet is grim with each passing day exit
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Learn from river door custom, before this year in August, dress of Guangdong province spin (include yarn of dress and clothing accessories, spin, fabric and product) exit in all five hundred million two hundred and ten dollars, drop compared to the same period 22% .

Industry public figure expresses, because the RMB appreciates, the sources of energy and labor cost rise wait for element influence, bring about cost of spin garment industry to grow ceaselessly, collect especially change 3 years, export of industry of Chinese spin garment increased with accumulative total of dollar calculative cost about 60% , bring about the dilemma that in a dilemma faces when a few enterprises accept the order: Order of a lot of small profit, do not receive lose the market possibly; Received cause loss extremely likely.

For pressure of cost of company of slow down cotton spinning, the country will reduce afterwards temporarily in June cotton is slippery after standard tax, total bureau of Wu of tax of the Ministry of finance, state will issue announcement jointly on July 30, export partial textile, dress drawback to lead since August 1 by 11% rise 13% . But glide in Euramerican economy, the fatigued and weak, competition pressure that comes from other country imposes the requirement of the international market increasingly cost of big, production rises wait for element influence to fall, guangdong saves spin dress to export inferior position to be turned round hard temporarily.

Especially the global finance storm that sub loan crisis causes, it is certain to bring about the country such as the United States, Japan and European Union to be in to the demand of Chinese textile decrease on degree. Suffer in what convey the beauty be restricted product in plain cloth of blending of fine of 627 kinds of people, the data that publishs according to office of textile of American Department of Commerce shows, drop compared to the same period to the amount that the United States will import this kinds of product from China in April about 69% , the proportion that holds the United States to import market share relatively on year the corresponding period dropped 24 percent.