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Market of our country fur is in turning point to sell busy season to be about to
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Business company dispatch will greet a winter as domestic textile on September 23, depend on the fur industry of textile also is experiencing a cold current. “ I think market of current superficial knowledge is lying a turning point. When Zhang Bin of director of website of ” China fur accepted a reporter to interview a few days ago, express, “ is close two years, the industry is experiencing trough. ”

Last year in November, fur product value declines for a time in recent years cereal bottom, partial fur machines an enterprise to shut, breed door as a result of animal of flix of loss is severe and many butcher. “ as we have learned, because breed door do not endure pressure of cost of tall look forward to in succession animal of many butcher flix, output of skin of racoon dog fur will fall than last year this year 70%~80% , fox skin output falls 50%~60% , marten output falls 60% the left and right sides. Say of ” Zhang Bin.

Chinese fur trades network controller Li Yongxin expresses when accepting a reporter to interview, suffer the market to supply on one hand currently decrease, enter on one hand inside trade starts time, furry price picks up somewhat. “ is opposite the when November trough price end last year, price of current fox skin had picked up 30%~40% , price of racoon dog skin picked up 40% the left and right sides. ” Zhang Bin tells a reporter, price of skin of the racoon dog on current market by the 140~150 this year May yuan / piece go up to 220~230 yuan / piece, fox skin by 320 yuan of May / piece went up 350 yuan / piece, homebred fair marten by before paragraph the 180~200 of time yuan / piece went up 320 yuan / piece, mother marten by 85~90 yuan / piece went up 160 yuan / piece. Meanwhile, he points out, russia of China's biggest fur export market is current demand compares in former years somewhat abate, “ is pressed look all the year round, accompany weather to turn cool, russia market should begin to import Pi Cao to machine hand-me-down in great quantities, but the circumstance is still at present unidentified bright. ”

On “ market can divide 4 every year to sell a site probably, it is annual that the first sells a site 6~7 month, foreign trade begins to start, prices is better; The 2nd sells a site will be September later, trade begins to start inside, at the same time auction of Finnish in September, Denmark just can end, the price already was become finality, at this moment purchasing power of deep treatment company is strengthened; The 3rd sells a dot to be in 10~11 month, new fur was not hit, and the fur of in former years has been sold, be at the same time inside trade is exuberant and seasonal, hormone skin value is so better, complemented the market is blank; The 4th sells a site is New Year was controlled January, furry value is right now inferior, trade of inside and outside ends near, plus Spring Festival of foreign christmas, home forthcoming, enterprise of domestic breed aquatics is in concentration to take leather position. Say of ” Zhang Bin. He expresses further, be currently inside when trade is started, as a result of the skin the quantity decreases, and marten treatment dosage is very big, coat of a marten needs 20 pieces of right-and-left marten, because of drive up of this market demand marten price; And other fur is multi-purpose the skin that will machine hand-me-down is gotten, wool sleeve, dosage is lesser, demand is not big, accordingly the price rebounds extent is inferior.
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