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Business of yellow aunt town survives town of military importance of state inves
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Editor's note: Since this year, large area of “ Zhejiang medium and small businesses closes down boss of ” , “ closes in succession the hearsay of ” of close a business appears from time to tome, make a lot of people half believing and half doubting.

In the statistical number of electric   authority will proved new Zhejiang net on September 23, I save dimensions to be versed in estate company number keeps balance basically compared to the same period below, the main area of Zhejiang economy still to good. Meanwhile, our newspaper reporter goes to town of smooth lake yellow aunt to interview investigation, the hope adopts the measure that anatomizes “ spadger ” , for economy of Zhejiang of a lot of cares especially the people of lump characteristic economy, offer truer more detailed information.

September the middle ten days of a month, our newspaper reporter is driven go to town of yellow aunt of smooth lake city, begin clothing company to live state investigation.

Why to choose yellow aunt? The reason has 2.

Because yellow aunt town is ” of “ dress town of military importance,be. To the end of 2007, whole town has clothing company 142, among them dimensions above 42; 60% what garment industry production value occupies this to press down economic gross. Adjust in this round of economy in, garment industry is to get one of trades with the largest concussion, ” of town of military importance of choice “ dress has typical sex relatively.

2 because yellow aunt presses down the swimming in be in in the economic gross sort that is in smooth lake city to make the same score,be, compare at those actual strength stronger weaker perhaps villages and towns, it also is provided more representative.

“ runs the quantity has not earned money ”

Just arrived yellow aunt, a newest all computation is occupied, deliver a nip in the air that gives ” of winter of garment industry “ .

Since this year, yellow aunt town has stop production of 38 clothing company in succession, exceed 1/4 of gross. Among them, stop production of dimensions above company 3, 7.14% what take company of full scope above. In the meantime, the member that press down worker of ab extra Wu completely is in by last year on the foundation of 26 thousand person, up to now already depletion of numbers 5000 more than person, among them the depletion of numbers of 60% comes from garment industry.

The ——“ of economic core area that our drive car will come to to yellow aunt press down is yellow ” of area of aunt industry function. Clerk of the government that occupy a town introduces, there is a company inside ” of “ function area 52, it is annual produce the dimensions enterprise of 5 million yuan of above. Among them, clothing company has 37, company of clothing of above of dimensions of the great majority in the town is here centrally. Current, there already was stop production of 3 clothings company inside the area, it is hare of gold of smooth lake city respectively 5 stars of city of the limited company that make the clothing, smooth lake are versed in limited company mixes trade fine Xing Baojia makes the clothing limited company. It is reported, of stop production of company of clothing of above of smooth lake dimensions, namely these 3.
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