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The 20 enterprises that cross a state will purchase dress to Chongqing
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Domestic and international end of this month of company of 80 brands clothing will gather hill city, in “ global new fund is on sale on ” of division of clothing of international of Chongqing of the 6th China fashionable clothing. Recently, chongqing municipal government releases a message to say, job of early days of current clothing division is current already be all set, its grand opera includes model contest, female outfit to design game, purchase negotiate the meeting. The citizen rambles clothing division entrance ticket is avoided completely.

The autograph makes an appointment with purchase to amount to 200 million yuan

Chongqing city classics appoint the official shows, chongqing dress year sell production value 12 billion yuan, but delicacy has export order. Go to sea to drive Chongqing dress “ ” , this city already contacted 20 dress that cross a state to purchase Lai Yu the enterprise, predicting autograph makes an appointment with amount to will amount to 200 million yuan.

The ginseng end month of brand of 80 China and foreign countries is exhibited

According to introducing, current clothing division will this month day of 28 days of ~30 is held in Na Ping international exhibition center, sponsor by municipal government. Showpiece gross area is fifteen thousand five hundred square metre, set 600 international standard to exhibit in all.

Make style to drive, attract each enterprise to develop Chongqing market, of clothing division exhibit a cost to be avoided completely. Up to now, already had 80 domestic and international brands affirmatory ginseng is exhibited, include to come from the international brand of the country such as Italy, Canada, Korea, India among them.

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